Music Monday: Zombies!

This past weekend I participated in Run For Your Lives, a zombie-themed 5K obstacle race. Instead of running, I chose to be a zombie, staggering after racers. After I checked in, workers custom shred my clothes, gave us the undead look, and literally threw handfuls and buckets of fake blood on us.

It was tons of fun. I even found a zombie Goku! So of course I had to take advantage of this photo op.

Zombie Goku Fusion


In honor of this undead experience, I present to you six songs that feature zombies.

1. “Zombie” by Family Force 5


2. “Stagger Slide” by Dance Band


3. “Zombie Jamboree” by Jack Jeans (Harry Belafonte Cover)


4. “Zombie Prostitute” by Voltaire


5. “Zombie” by The Cranberries


6. “Zombie Dance” by Escape the Fate

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