Game Review: BADLAND

Type: iPhone app
Genres: Side-scroller, action adventure, puzzle
Developer: Frogmind
Rating: 5 Stars

I was instantly drawn to the atmospheric art in BADLAND. It’s as if a space station crash landed and a few hundred years of forest growth had taken it over. Yet, there are still functioning gears, saws, and exploding elements. And a host of silhouetted bunnies that stare creepily at you from the background.

And then we have our character, a pudgy thing that flies. I’ve taken to calling them ‘hedgies’ since they look remarkably similar to a squeaking hedgehog toy my dog gets overly possessive about. The hedgies move in response to screen tapping—if you hold your finger down, he flies to the top of the screen, let go and he falls to the ground. A multitude of things can happen to the hedgies from power ups: grow, shrink, multiply, spin, or get super sticky.

Pretty simple, yeah? Well, some of the puzzles and obstacles become quite difficult. Bombs sometimes look like just a normal part of the scenery; other times spiky balls of death look like a bomb that might propel hedgie through the landscape. Some puzzles take two or three plays just to find out what you need to do. Then getting the timing and luck right may take 5+ more.

While some of the trickier puzzles make me want to throw my phone across the room (a desire I have so far kept at bay), I cannot stop playing. I become a little masochistic with difficult, yet simplistic puzzles—playing until I’m a fuming ball of hate, and then I keep going. Yet despite that, these are my favorite. It’s a gorgeous challenge with a mix of thinking, timing, and dexterity.

badland multiplayer

Not only can I become a fuming ball of hate in single player, but I can also attempt to ruin my friendships with multi-player mode! A player wins if their hedgie survives the longest or they have more points from course time and clones saved. Levels are filled with the same tricky traps as single player, but now opponents can kill their rivals by pushing them off screen, squishing them, and knocking them into traps. At least with consoles there is a slight distance, but on the iPhone or iPad the potential ex-friends are huddled close with easy elbow jabbing potential.

Despite all of that, I love this game. I highly recommend it for fans of Portal, Jetpack Joyride, Limbo, and Super Meat Boy.

Find BADLAND online:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | App Store

Music Monday: Zombies!

This past weekend I participated in Run For Your Lives, a zombie-themed 5K obstacle race. Instead of running, I chose to be a zombie, staggering after racers. After I checked in, workers custom shred my clothes, gave us the undead look, and literally threw handfuls and buckets of fake blood on us.

It was tons of fun. I even found a zombie Goku! So of course I had to take advantage of this photo op.

Zombie Goku Fusion


In honor of this undead experience, I present to you six songs that feature zombies.

1. “Zombie” by Family Force 5


2. “Stagger Slide” by Dance Band


3. “Zombie Jamboree” by Jack Jeans (Harry Belafonte Cover)


4. “Zombie Prostitute” by Voltaire


5. “Zombie” by The Cranberries


6. “Zombie Dance” by Escape the Fate

Music Monday: Cover Song Playlist and Game!

A while back, a couple friends and I were playing Scrabble. Part way through, we realized the album we were listening to, one that I hadn’t heard before, was completely cover songs. We spent the rest of the album attempting to remember the original artists—not so easy when the genres were completely flipped. Seeing an opportunity to indulge our current ADD mindset, our ‘DJ’ searched for more cover songs for us to guess.

A new game was born!

Or at least a new game for us. We spent a couple hours guessing songs and laying down Scrabble words. Suffice it to say, that Scrabble game took several times longer than usual.

After this night of musical fun, I was inspired to create a playlist of cover songs. Some are very popular, some are obscure, but all wonderfully pay homage to the originals.

Can you name all of the original artists? Did I miss your favorite cover song? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

Retro Review: The Harper Hall Trilogy by Anne McCaffrey

Title: The Harper Hall Trilogy (DragonSong, DragonSinger, DragonDrums)
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy

This enduring trilogy, set in the larger Pern series, begins with Menolly in her isolated home of Half-Circle Sea Hold. She a highly gifted musician to the dismay of her family, and especially her father, who believe girls shouldn’t be harpers. After the death of Harper Petiron, Menolly’s only friend who encouraged her musical abilities and song writing, she is forbidden music.

Surrounded by harsh people and denied the one thing that makes her happy, Menolly spends her days as far away as possible collecting food. One such day finds her out during Threadfall, a deadly storm of menacing silver creatures that only devour and multiply. In her haste for safety, she unintentionally “impresses” nine fire lizards that resemble the large dragons that protect Pern from Thread.

The Harper Hall Trilogy follows the adventures of Menolly as she becomes one of the first female harpers, as well as how she and her friends start their influential lives on Pern.

My Thoughts:
A long time ago, I lost my excitement for reading. That’s mostly in part to school. We were required to read at or above our reading level and if we didn’t, we wouldn’t fulfill our point requirements. At 11 years old, I was reading at an 11th/12th grade level. You can understand my apathy towards my choices, especially when that just happened to be the time when the Harry Potter books were coming out. Suffice it to say, I was so frustrated with the situation that I quit reading.

But I am a reader at heart, and once I was a couple years away from that mess, I eased myself back in. After a few duds, I still wasn’t excited at the prospect of reading. This is where the Harper Hall Trilogy comes in. A friend suggested it to me and I devoured the trilogy, and all 15+ books of the series that were out at the time. My love of reading was rekindled by a book over twice my age. Consequently, the Pern novels will always hold a special place on my bookshelves.

As for the Harper Hall Trilogy itself, the books are quick reads (the longest being 240 pages) that ease readers into the world of Pern. As we follow Menolly, we meet characters from the rest of the series, and get a taste of the lifestyles of harpers, holders, dragonriders, and explorers.

At once, it is very easy to connect to the main characters in the trilogy because they are the ‘normal’ people, not those in the elevated roles of Lords or dragonriders, but at the same time, they are young and are sometimes preoccupied by shallow worries. In a series that is mostly adult, the teen perspective stands out a bit. For teens, this makes it a great starting point. For adults who don’t read Young Adult novels, I would suggest starting with DragonFlight.

DragonSong was first published in 1976. When I first read it in the early 2000s, I honestly thought it was more recent than that. After reading it this past week, the voice still feels more modern than the haughty fantasy that I’ve read from that era. I think that is one of the reasons this trilogy is so enduring. Not only did my grandmother love them, but so do my similarly aged friends and younger acquaintances.

I should also not that the first two novels follow Menolly, while the third follows her friend and harper apprentice Piemur. If you don’t know this is coming, it can be jarring. DragonDrums is also set three years after the end of Dragonsinger. Menolly still plays a significant role in the third installment, but she is definitely a side character. The first time I read it, I was mildly disappointed that Menolly was pushed to the side, but part way through, I was enjoying Piemur’s ‘scampish’ adventures.

I highly recommend this trilogy, and series, for fans of  fantasy, dragons, and sci-fi fantasy blends. This is also a great series for those who want to dip their toes into the fantasy genre.

Movie Review: Scream 4

Title: Scream 4
Rated: R
Genres: Horror, Mystery, Suspense, Campy Humor
Director: Wes Craven
Writer: Kevin Williamson
Stars: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin
Rating: 4 Stars

While promoting her new book, Ghostface survivor Sidney Prescott (Neve Campell) returns to Woodsboro. Soon after, the murders start again, targeting Sidney’s cousin Jill (Emma Roberts). It’s up to Sidney, Dewey (David Arquette), and Gale (Courtney Cox) to stop Ghostface’s most recent murder spree.

My Thoughts:
If you’re a fan of the original Scream film, then you will no doubt enjoy this installment. Scream 4 is one of, if not the, best reboots I’ve seen to date. Craven and Williamson bring back all the gore, humor, and postmodern awareness that started the franchise.

Rule 6: Don’t f**k with the original

Remember that famous opening with Drew Barrymore? I don’t know a horror buff that doesn’t, or will ever forget it. How does a franchise outdo that? Scream 4 definitely makes a go at it with a slew of cameos and meta references. It probably won’t go down in the books as terrifying, but it is definitely one of the more creative ways to poke fun at your own movie legacy, while planting yourself in your fan’s minds for a good, long time.

Overall, I loved the return to Woodsboro. Campell, Arquette, and Cox give the great performances you expect in the series. I loved seeing Emma Roberts in something not kid-oriented, and realizing that she could definitely make it in the horror genre. While some of the other newcomers fell a bit flat, it didn’t take much away from the overall.

While I was talking to other people about Scream 4, an interesting gap presented itself. Mostly, Scream fans liked it a lot. The only folks that didn’t like it were teenagers. They hadn’t been around for the earlier films. Many of them “didn’t get” the campy humor and were disappointed that it wasn’t super gory like the Saw or Hostel films. Even those that had seen at least one of the earlier films weren’t enthused. Clearly, the people I speak to do not constitute everyone, but how stark that line was makes me worry about the generational gap in horror fans. Cause really, like these teens don’t make me feel old enough already.

Find Scream 4 Online:
Website | IMDB | Netflix

Vacation Part 4: The Swag

By now, I hope you know that I went on a little multi-continental jaunt, so I will just skip that backstory. But if you’re not caught up, you can click these links to read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

As the title suggests, this post is about what I brought back with me. Admittedly, most of my money was spent on the trip necessities: plane tickets, hotel, transit, and the all important food. BUT I did get a few items for myself and others.


While in Rome, we needed to figure out how to get places. Originally, we were going to attempt the busses, but after looking at a map, we realized everything was within walking distance. This map ended up being the only souvenir I bought in Rome for myself, as most things I saw were waaaay overpriced and trinket-y.


Remember how I said we got a bit lost? This is where that happened—this little bend of the river to that larger street with ‘Corso’ on it. It would’ve helped if the actual streets were labeled.


The only other souvenir from Rome was for my mother who collects shot glasses. Before I left, she demanded a shot glass from each place I ended up—even if I was only in the airport, as the case was for Amsterdam.


I couldn’t leave Istanbul without a bajillion Evil Eyes (Nazars), which are protective pendants that are everywhere. Since they are so popular, they were quite inexpensive as well. I snagged several of these hanging and magnet versions for people back home, as well as a magnet for myself.

IMG_0455This one is mine. I love the goofy shape and how it’s a bit different than the normal Nazars. I only saw this style at one shop the entire time we were in Istanbul. I have yet to get rope or string or whatever to hang it up with, but for now it’s nestled in nicely on my knick-knack shelf.

And what kind of media addict would I be if I didn’t come home with some music? I kept my eyes open for a music store the whole trip, but didn’t see one—even in the major shopping area. Then in the airport, BAM! Music store. It cost a bit more than I was hoping, but still much less than importing. So I picked up a copy of Murat Boz’s Dance Mix, and album of remixes and the self-titled MaNga+, which is rock with a bit of hip-hop flair. Sadly, the store was completely out of Tarkan albums.

Thus concludes my vacation ramblings.
I’ll be back to reviews and media updates by next week!

Vacation Part 3: More Istanbul

After spending time in the mosques, we branched out. Luckily we had a guide—sort of. My friend is currently studying in Ankara and met us in Istanbul. He had been there at least once before and is friends with a Istanbulite (is that the proper term? No idea, but I’m going with it). So between the two of them, we were able to successfully use public transportation and sample the night life—which included porch swings inside one of the bars. GENIUS!

We also hit up a couple nearby museums, including the Topkapi Palace and the archaeology museum a short walk away. Lots of jewels, statues, tombs, and pretty. Unfortunately, much of the palace forbade photographs.

Then, our last day consisted of a boat ride down the Bosphorus. It was strange seeing all of the really old and classic looking buildings juxtaposed with the brightly colored homes and apartments that crowded in on them. It was like in Rome—I could see the centuries-filled gap in 15 feet. That’s just something I don’t get see at home.

Now, without further adieu, MORE PICTURES!



Yep, those are super old carved stones lining the outdoor area of a café.


There was a skeleton in the FLOOR! Super neat!


Floor mosaic at the archaeology museum.


“Ehhhhhhh!” – He just exudes Fonzarelli style.


Cherubs in a cockfight. ‘Nuff said.


A very pretty doorway at the palace.


I have no clue what this little building on the Bosphorus is, but it definitely wins coolest shaped roof ever.


See? Ancient buildings next door to a multicolored building. It’s the best kind of strange that I need to see more often.



And on a final note, we saw a couple giant hollowed-out trees like this. I want to make this my outdoor reading fort.


The final vacation post is next week and will contain all the swag!

Music Monday: At First I Hated It, Now I Kinda Love It

When I first heard Matt Nathanson’s song “Mission Bells,” I hated it. The overall cheeriness in tone just clashed so much with the phrase “I had a dream you died” to me and for some reason it just grated on me. Despite my initial dislike of the overall song, I loved that phrase. And that stupid cheery melody was catchy. So, I found myself with that teeny bit replaying in my head.

Mix that with the fact that there are only two radio stations that I can stand to listen to while at work for eight hours—one of which will play this song at least a few times during a shift—results in the song worming its way deeper into my subconscious. “Mission Bells” slowly transformed into something that wasn’t too bad.

Eventually the lyrics beyond the chorus slithered into a state of recognition. All of a sudden, the song was a million times better. The verse matched the the Worm Farmcorresponding tone. Once I realized this, it was a floodgate. . . or the shattering of a worm farm to stick with the metaphor (hey, those totally exist).

The situation culminated into today: I found myself thinking, “I hope I hear that ‘I had a dream you died’ song.” And then immediately responding to that with, “wait, I hated that song a couple weeks ago. . . what the hell happened?” I’m still not 100% on an answer for that, but I do know

  1. That phrase (“I had a dream you died” –have you read that phrase enough yet? Cause it’s totes going to be in your head by the end of this. I will spread this annelid infestation! And take this metaphor too far! Muahahaha!) has stuck with me the entire time
  2. I’m now happy when it plays on the radio
  3. I can now listen to it several times in a row. I have no real number here, because I haven’t found the repeat number that makes me mad yet

Clearly, I just need to not fight against songs that hold anything interesting to me ever again. Or I will just become confused. And force metaphors to overstay their welcome. Which, please, for everyone’s sanity, let’s try to avoid. This wormy thing almost became uncomfortable.

*Ends post while singing “I had a dream you died” repetitively*

Vacation Part 2: Istanbul

After our day in Rome, we took the strangest flight into Istanbul. Seriously, we were in the fancy, albeit my least favorite, airport in Rome, when everyone was called to the check-in/boarding desk. We were prompted to go downstairs, and further downstairs, then around some corners. Finally brought to a door that led us. . . . outside? Yes, outside, where we got onto a shuttle van that drove us to the airplane. That’s right, we got onto the plane like someone famous or royal by walking up the outside stairs, lol.

We spent the next couple of days getting our bearings and looking at the famous mosques a short walk away from our hotel—which became an even shorter walk every time we went that direction as we learned the nearby streets and found short cuts :)

Hagia Sofia (Aya Sofya)
and the Blue Mosque











Next to the mosques was a park with GIANT SQUIRREL statues, despite me not seeing one real squirrel the entire time we were there. . . .

More pics to come in vacation installment #3!

Vacation Part 1: Rome

Last month I took my first trip out of the country. The destination was Istanbul, but before that, I had a day long layover in Rome! After some frustration, we found our way onto a cheap-ish shuttle bus into the city. From the bus station, we were able to walk to some of the famous landmarks nearby.


The Coliseum

The Coliseum

Arch of Constantine

Arch of Constantine

The Pantheon

The Pantheon

Trajan’s Column

Trajan's Column

Fontana del Pantheon

Fontana del Pantheon

Okay, maybe this one’s more creepy than pretty.

Not sure what this is. . .

Roman ruins

Any which way you turn, there are ruins visible.


Roman pizza

And of course I had to eat some pizza. It was delicious!

Stay tuned for Vacation Part 2 later this week!

More of My Book Reviews!

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I’m a part-time reviewer at the wonderful Me, My Shelf, And I!

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Project for Awesome Perk: Not For Humans by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Title: Not For Humans

Authors: Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Rating: 4 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

A perk of the wildly popular Indiegogo fundraiser campaign Project for Awesome run by various Youtubers included Not For Humans by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare as a donation perk. In this short story, their independent worlds intersect. Clare’s shadow hunters find themselves in a coffee shop run by characters from Black’s Modern Faery Tale series. Told from Kaye’s point of view, we get an amusing account of opening day. Series’ favorites all make an appearance including Chase, Alec, Isabelle, and Magnus Bane from the Mortal Instruments series, as well as Kaye, Corny, Roiben, Ravus, and Luis from Black’s series. With all of those egos in one building, there’s bound to be a commotion.

Not For Humans was very amusing. I only wished it were longer! Unfortunately, this was only available to PfA supporters, but we can always hope Black & Clare will do this again for next year’s fundraiser. Or, better yet, collaborate on a set of short stories or a full novel crossover.

Learn about Project for Awesome here.

Find Holly Black online:
Website | Twitter | LiveJournal | Tumblr

Find Cassandra Clare online:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

Music Monday: Turkish Music

I’m still on vacation in Istanbul!

So here’s some Turkish music for you:

Para Yok by Murat Boz

This video reminds me of a 1980s Trapper Keeper :)

Dilli Düdük by Tarkan

More quick transitions!

Görüs Mesafesi by Ozan

It’s dance party time with those crazy light suits!

Beni Benimle Bırak by MaNga

Not sure what’s up with the distortion, or why the violinists are in creepy masks, but the 10ish seconds of record scratching reminds me of Linkin Park.

Bit Pazarı (Bubbling Remix) by Yalın

I could only find a remix of good audio quality on the Youtubes. This song just makes me happy; I have no idea why.

Aşka İnat by Yusuf Güney feat. Rafet El Roman & Eren Atasoy

This is just another happy song with a cheesy video :)

I apparently know a lot of Turkish party songs. And only guy singers.

What do you think? Do you like these songs? Am I missing any awesome Turkish artists? Let me know in the comments!

Music Monday: Mux Mool Concert

Last Monday brought with it a splendid evening of O’Donovan’s Irish Pub, the 7th Street Entry, and the local electronic musician Mux Mool.

After a long day, I started the fun portion of Monday at O’Donovan’s Irish Pub. When O’Donovan’s isn’t packed with sports fans, it’s one of my favorite bars. Luckily for me and my friends, it was one of their quiet nights.

Why do I love them so much?

  1. Powers Whiskey
  2. They don’t skimp on the booze
  3. The bartenders are amazing

After a couple drinks and some appetizers, we headed across the street to the 7th Street Entry to see Mux Mool. It’s been over a year since I’ve been to the Entry and I forgot how much I loved it. Small and dark with a loud sound system, the Entry is a great hole-in-the-wall venue.

We arrived in time to catch the final opening act, Connie Hawkins, and while I enjoyed his music at the show, I found myself thinking, “I don’t think I’d listen to this recorded—only live.” There are a few performers I have this sentiment for, usually bands my friends bring me to see, but nonetheless, it was fun at the time.

Soon enough, Mux Mool hopped on stage.His set on Monday had more remixes than I was expecting, as I’ve only heard his original music. While entertaining, I enjoy his originals more. Although, there was one remix that I loved—Love Shack by the B-52s. . . set to video of DragonBallZ, specifically the fight between Goku and Frieza. But my DBZ obsession is for another post on another day.

Check out Mux Mool online:
Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Youtube

I’m Going to Istanbul!

I start my vacation on St. Patty’s Day, TOMORROW!

A friend and I will be taking the wonderfully inexpensive Megabus to Chicago, where we will get into appropriately themed shenanigans for the evening.

Monday morning we start the long airplane journey. From Chicago to Atlanta to Rome to Istanbul—that’s Monday to Wednesday of planes and layovers. The good news, we’re in Rome long enough to leave the airport! Woohoo!

We’ll be hanging out in Istanbul for 5 days, after which we get to enjoy that flight process again.

Even though I’m out of the country, there will be posts! I’ve scheduled a couple to go live while I’m gone, so keep an eye on your feeds or check back here for your Music Monday fix!

And after I return, there will be pictures! Lots of pictures.

Now I leave you with this song that gets brought up every time I say I’m going to Istanbul:

Music Monday: My New Favorite Music Video

Music videos usually fall into four categories for me: pretty cool, okay, terrible, and so-bad-it-might-be-good. Very rarely do I find one that surpasses pretty cool and lands itself on an awesome or favorites list, most of which come from that magical time when music channels played music and I used them to wake up in the morning.

Then there are gems like this one, where I found them after taking a chance on a cd.

I love that video, song, and album more than I can logically explain.

Now I find music videos through social media, either by following artists I like or by clicking random links on Youtube. This month saw the video release, and prompt Facebook appearance, of “Weird Friends (We Don’t Even Live Here)” by P.O.S.

I’m a big fan of P.O.S. and the Doomtree crew, as I’ve mentioned before when I received this album and went to the annual Blowout. There hasn’t been much from them that I don’t like. And the Doomtree video for Beacon is one of the modern music videos that I’ve liked a lot.

The videos for “Beacon” and “Weird Friends” have some similarities—the most prominent being the strobe-like effects that make the images very jumpy. When used in a fitting context, I love it. And both of these fall right in that category for me.

Both videos take chances too—”Beacon” with its black and white, steampunk storytelling, “Weird Friends” with its weird, rapid-fire imagery. I like the risk and the weird.

Of the two, “Weird Friends” takes top. Maybe it’s just because I’m such a concert addict and it reminds me of the frenetic and odd atmosphere that my favorite shows create. Maybe its because it seems like the craziest party, in the best way. Or maybe it’s that P.O.S. says “I ain’t like ya’ll. I’m into weird shit. I’m in the back getting weird with my weird friends,” while surrounded by goats—implying that they are his friends. It would be wonderfully ridiculous to see that in the back of a club. Just saying.

Here it is, my new favorite music video, “Weird Friends (We Don’t Even Live Here)” by P.O.S.

Book Blast and Giveaway: A Touch Menacing by Leah Clifford

I get sucked into a lot of series’, Leah Clifford’s A Touch Trilogy being one of them. Last year, we piled into a van and road tripped a few states over to attend the costumed book release party for A Touch Morbid. It was a blast.

I rated A Touch Mortal with 4 stars and A Touch Morbid with 3.75 stars. With how the pieces are set up, I expect wonderful things from A Touch Menacing.

Check out the book blast below to learn more about the A Touch Trilogy and enter to win some excellent prizes from Leah Clifford.

It’s nearly time to say good bye to Eden and her friends with the conclusion of the A Touch Trilogy from author Leah Clifford.
 photo 67ed3a41-b967-44f6-906b-1d8006701c39_zpsd5061680.jpg
Whether you’ve been there from the beginning when Eden first met Az in A TOUCH MORTAL. Spent countless hours contemplating with other A Touch Trilogy fans over the fate of the kitten, from A TOUCH MORBID. Or are just joining us now, the conclusion to Leah Clifford’s A Touch Trilogy promises to be heart stopping and well worth the wait!

Pick up whichever novel you need to catch up before MENACING’S March 5th release date. You don’t want to be the only one not talking about this book!

 photo b2aee63e-9b98-4c77-b1c5-97c2dcede35e_zps115af4c6.jpg

A Touch Trilogy #3 Author: Leah Clifford
Release Date: March 5th
Eden is dying. For real, this time.
She is crumbling to ash, and an unnatural plague is ravaging mortals and immortals alike. With both Heaven and Hell out to destroy her, Eden can no longer tell the difference between good and evil.

Friends become enemies. And enemies are everywhere.
But don't underestimate Eden. She'll fight for her life, for the lives of those she loves, and for every life she has ever touched.
She'll fight for revenge. For redemption. For—just maybe—the chance to be mortal again.
Everything began with forbidden love.
What will be sacrificed at the bitter end?
The dramatic conclusion to Leah Clifford's dark, alluring trilogy of life, death, and epic love.

Pick Up The Whole Series!

 photo 8428050_zps32b437e1.jpg  photo 115141211_zps37eb45a7.jpg
A TOUCH MORTAL (A Touch Trilogy #1) AMAZON | B&N
A TOUCH MORBID (A Touch Trilogy #2) AMAZON | B&N

Help us spread the word about the final installment of the A Touch Trilogy, and you could win one of these amazing prizes!

Grand Prize 
30 Minute Skype Chat with Leah Clifford. Talk about writing, talk about THE KITTEN, talk about her books! Talk about almost anything!

2nd Place 
Get’s to name a character in Leah’s next published book

2 Lucky Bonus Winners Will get 1 Paperback of A TOUCH MORTAL and 1 Hardcover of A TOUCH MORBID signed to the winner!

- Open Internationally for the Skype Chat and Character Name
- Books Will Only be mailed in the US.
- Pre Order for A Touch Menacing can be from any date
- Order for Mortal or Morbid MUST be dated between 2/1 and 2/22
*we reserve the right to deny any receipt for entry if it appears to be altered or manipulated in anyway.

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Leah Clifford currently lives in Ohio, but frequently dreams of finding an abandoned mansion in the south that she can restore. In her spare time she loves to travel and has been known to drive over two hours to get kickass quesadillas. So far for jobs she's sold corn at a roadside stand, been a pizza delivery girl, a camp counselor, an extreme cave tour guide, a flight attendant, a waitress (x3), a grocery store clerk and a writer. Out of all of them, writing has been the most fun. She's pretty sure she's gonna stick with it.

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