Vacation Part 3: More Istanbul

After spending time in the mosques, we branched out. Luckily we had a guide—sort of. My friend is currently studying in Ankara and met us in Istanbul. He had been there at least once before and is friends with a Istanbulite (is that the proper term? No idea, but I’m going with it). So between the two of them, we were able to successfully use public transportation and sample the night life—which included porch swings inside one of the bars. GENIUS!

We also hit up a couple nearby museums, including the Topkapi Palace and the archaeology museum a short walk away. Lots of jewels, statues, tombs, and pretty. Unfortunately, much of the palace forbade photographs.

Then, our last day consisted of a boat ride down the Bosphorus. It was strange seeing all of the really old and classic looking buildings juxtaposed with the brightly colored homes and apartments that crowded in on them. It was like in Rome—I could see the centuries-filled gap in 15 feet. That’s just something I don’t get see at home.

Now, without further adieu, MORE PICTURES!



Yep, those are super old carved stones lining the outdoor area of a café.


There was a skeleton in the FLOOR! Super neat!


Floor mosaic at the archaeology museum.


“Ehhhhhhh!” – He just exudes Fonzarelli style.


Cherubs in a cockfight. ‘Nuff said.


A very pretty doorway at the palace.


I have no clue what this little building on the Bosphorus is, but it definitely wins coolest shaped roof ever.


See? Ancient buildings next door to a multicolored building. It’s the best kind of strange that I need to see more often.



And on a final note, we saw a couple giant hollowed-out trees like this. I want to make this my outdoor reading fort.


The final vacation post is next week and will contain all the swag!

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