Music Monday: At First I Hated It, Now I Kinda Love It

When I first heard Matt Nathanson’s song “Mission Bells,” I hated it. The overall cheeriness in tone just clashed so much with the phrase “I had a dream you died” to me and for some reason it just grated on me. Despite my initial dislike of the overall song, I loved that phrase. And that stupid cheery melody was catchy. So, I found myself with that teeny bit replaying in my head.

Mix that with the fact that there are only two radio stations that I can stand to listen to while at work for eight hours—one of which will play this song at least a few times during a shift—results in the song worming its way deeper into my subconscious. “Mission Bells” slowly transformed into something that wasn’t too bad.

Eventually the lyrics beyond the chorus slithered into a state of recognition. All of a sudden, the song was a million times better. The verse matched the the Worm Farmcorresponding tone. Once I realized this, it was a floodgate. . . or the shattering of a worm farm to stick with the metaphor (hey, those totally exist).

The situation culminated into today: I found myself thinking, “I hope I hear that ‘I had a dream you died’ song.” And then immediately responding to that with, “wait, I hated that song a couple weeks ago. . . what the hell happened?” I’m still not 100% on an answer for that, but I do know

  1. That phrase (“I had a dream you died” –have you read that phrase enough yet? Cause it’s totes going to be in your head by the end of this. I will spread this annelid infestation! And take this metaphor too far! Muahahaha!) has stuck with me the entire time
  2. I’m now happy when it plays on the radio
  3. I can now listen to it several times in a row. I have no real number here, because I haven’t found the repeat number that makes me mad yet

Clearly, I just need to not fight against songs that hold anything interesting to me ever again. Or I will just become confused. And force metaphors to overstay their welcome. Which, please, for everyone’s sanity, let’s try to avoid. This wormy thing almost became uncomfortable.

*Ends post while singing “I had a dream you died” repetitively*

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