I’m Going to Istanbul!

I start my vacation on St. Patty’s Day, TOMORROW!

A friend and I will be taking the wonderfully inexpensive Megabus to Chicago, where we will get into appropriately themed shenanigans for the evening.

Monday morning we start the long airplane journey. From Chicago to Atlanta to Rome to Istanbul—that’s Monday to Wednesday of planes and layovers. The good news, we’re in Rome long enough to leave the airport! Woohoo!

We’ll be hanging out in Istanbul for 5 days, after which we get to enjoy that flight process again.

Even though I’m out of the country, there will be posts! I’ve scheduled a couple to go live while I’m gone, so keep an eye on your feeds or check back here for your Music Monday fix!

And after I return, there will be pictures! Lots of pictures.

Now I leave you with this song that gets brought up every time I say I’m going to Istanbul:

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