Music Monday: Lindsey Stirling Concert

First and foremost, Lindsey Stirling is ADORBS! She, of course, utilized her quirky ballet inspired violin dancing at the June 3rd concert at Myth Live, but she was also able to connect with the audience throughout the evening. Stirling was very thankful to her fans, especially when not that long ago no one believed there was much of an audience for her style. Tied into that sentiment, she promoted accepting one’s self and doing what you love with a level of sincerity that many performers don’t achieve in between songs. Topping off the list of adorbs, she showed a home movie reel during one of the longer transitions featuring baby Stirling doing cute kid things.

The performance was excellent as well. She was accompanied by her longtime bandmates, Drew and Gavi, as well as two background dancers. Building the visual experience, a giant screen inside a stone-looking circle brought the backdrop to life with different images, including fire, water, and even a couple of Stirling’s music videos.

After a pretty long wait at the merch booth, I snagged a tour shirt and the new album. But the long line was worth it. As I walked towards my car, which happened to be past the tour busses, she had started signing merch for her fans. Perfect timing.

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Overall, I highly enjoyed the evening, but there were a couple situations that detracted from the night’s fun. The biggest annoyance was the number of people. Okay, okay, it was a sold-out show. And yes, I didn’t show up early to get that prime spot by the stage. However, I have been to sold-out shows at the Myth before and at none of those shows did I find it impossible to walk to 1) the bathroom, 2) the bar, 3) a decent sightline as at Stirling’s show. I don’t know whether people had not shown up at those previous shows, or someone flubbed on the ticket amounts that night, but Stirling’s show definitely felt oversold. Enough so that some people were continually going up and down the stairs so they could get a glimpse of the stage.

The next issue I encountered is a bit more of a social commentary that I’ll keep brief. When I finally found a spot in the crowd where I could see a fraction of the stage’s action, the surrounding smart phones became reverse telescopes. The young ladies in front of me felt the need to record almost every song played, or take a bajillion photos. I’m totally cool if someone wants to record their favorite song or a fan favorite (Stirling did beautiful covers of John Legend’s “All of Me” and the Legend of Zelda theme), but I don’t understand why people want to watch through their phones instead of with their own eyes. And I surely didn’t appreciate seeing 75% of the show minimized on a screen.


  • Lindsey is adorbs
  • Performance was incredible
  • Venue felt overcrowded
  • Please don’t make me watch the stage through your phone

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