Book Review: Dead(ish) by Naomi Kramer

Dead(ish) Cover

Title: Dead(ish)

Author:  Naomi Kramer

Rating:  2 Stars

Genre:  Humor, paranormal

Synopsis:  Linda is dead. Well, mostly. She didn’t go to the great beyond, or whatever is supposed to happen when someone dies. She’s stuck as a ghost. And until she figures out how to move on, Linda will make every second count by pranking the man who killed her—Mike, her boyfriend.

My Thoughts:  The cover hooked me. It’s so cutesy dark that I thought “I have to read this!” But make no mistake, that young adult style cover is misleading. Dead(ish) is an adult novel.

I really enjoyed the premise of this story. Linda pulls some hilarious pranks, like turning Mike’s skin orange. She also hires a private detective, Trent, to find her murdered body to try and find closure. The pranks and Linda’s relationship with the other characters are by far my favorite parts of this story.

My problems start with the fact that there is no setting. We are told in vague terms where we are, like “apartment” or “veranda,” but offered no details. When something changed in the environment, it didn’t feel significant, as that was the only detail I’ve seen. Kramer had many locations where physical details would have pulled me into the scene and deepened the story.

I also wasn’t sure who the characters were speaking to at times. Eventually it became clear that most of them were speaking to the reader. However, the story doesn’t start that way. It starts with characters talking to each other. I was confused when the fourth wall was broken. What is the situation that I am now part of this story? That question is sort of addressed with Linda thanking the reader for listening, but never fully answered.

Naomi KramerDead(ish) was a quick read (that only took me about an hour), consumed in between events during a busy day. I found it on the Kindle store for free. The premise was entertaining enough to keep me reading, but I probably will not read the sequel, (technically) Dead.

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  1. Hmm. Free's always good. I love the cover, too, like you did. But I may pass. Awesome review, though! :)

  2. Thanks Sara! The cover is great. Mostly I have escaped the trap covers, but this one got me. Oh well! It was bound to happen eventually, and it will probably happen again.

  3. I totally got that on my Nook awhile back because it was free. I was pretty disappointed with it. The cover is so amazing and the writing is so....blah!

  4. Agreed! I was really expecting a young adult book out of this from the cover too, like a dark ABCFamily teen dramedy in book form.