Music Monday: “Eden” by Faun

Album:  Eden

Artist:  Faun

Format:  MP3

Genres:  Pagan Folk, Medieval Folk, Pagan Rock, Modern Old-World

Rating:  5 Stars

If you took equal parts medieval instruments, multiple religious mythologies, seemingly forgotten rhythms, and beautifully harmonic vocals, then stirred them together with a spoon of modernity, you would get Faun’s Eden.

Self-described as Pagan Folk music, Faun brings medieval music to the current century. Eden is their seventh album since forming in 2002. Faun has sold over 120,000 CDs and played more than 700 locations around the world.

My Thoughts: 
This is my favorite Faun album to date. Part of this is due to how cohesive it is. Each song flows into the next; there are no jarring transitions. The songs are also tied together by the titular theme, Eden. The beauteous garden emanates from every aspect. Not only do we hear the Christian version of Eden, but also from the perspective of older, Pagan religions and in a few different languages.

I love how the medieval instruments are modernized. On earlier albums, some songs sound purely medieval—a wonderful experience in its own right, but I enjoy the addition of light modern touches more. The barely perceptible electronics smooth out the overall sound, which in turn seems to energize each track. I’ve taken to calling this mixture as Modern Old-World, since I seem to find a new genre name every time I browse new music or reviews.

This album evokes two very different reactions from me. When played loudly, I was energized. The driving beats made it difficult to sit still. But when played softly, I became very relaxed. Eden easily transitioned to something I could sit and work to. In my experiences, very few albums hold this versatility.

Favorite tracks:
“Hymn to Pan”
“Oyneng yar”
“Ynis avalach”

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