Music Monday: Some Tunes

I had a more interesting post lined up for today, but apparently me and advanced technology are not friends right now. So while try to figure out the intricacies (read:  headaches) of making things work the way I want them to, have some music videos of songs I’m listening to right now.

Be advised that "Thrift Shop" is NSFW, probably garnering a TV-ML rating. And "Tall Boy" is about the alcho-booze-ahols, so you probably wouldn't want to play that at work either.

Find Macklemore & Ryan Lewis online: 
| Youtube

Find Tarkan online:
Website (Turkish only, sorry, but you can still click around and find neat things)
Find Har Mar Superstar online:
Website | Youtube

I guess I’m all about party songs right now. Check out the other songs I’m listening to right now in the "Currently Listening To" widget in the sidebar. There are even some tracks for outside of the club. 

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