Music Monday: The 6-ish Christmas songs I Can Still Listen To

I spent a fair amount of today running errands and Christmas shopping. You know what that means. . . I heard A LOT of Christmas music. I’ve been pretty burnt out on holiday music for the past few years. That’s partially from choir, where we started holiday music shortly after the school year began. And also, the fact that I knew several people that wanted to, in my opinion, overkill it.

So here are the songs and artists I can still enjoy this season.

1. “Last Christmas” – Wham

I love this song. It’s so perfectly 80s. This is the one Christmas song that I hope to hear when suffering through the overly decorated halls while shopping. Of course, this song isn’t full of cheer or have the classic Christmas feel, so I have yet to hear it while shopping.

2. Anything by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

These guys are legends. They gave the old repetitive tunes a rock makeover. And what can I say? I like my holiday cheer with a little edge. And 80’s rock metal hair. And a fiery light show.

3. “Carol of the Bells”

This is just one of those songs that I will always love. Though, I do love the wordless versions best.

4. “Celtic Carol” – Lindsey Stirling

I love Celtic influenced music. And if you haven’t heard of Lindsey Stirling, get on that. She’s a magnificent violinist. Plus, she makes violin dubstep. Need I say more?

5. “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

I honestly have no idea why I still like this song. It might have to do with the chord progressions, but I don’t know enough about music theory to pinpoint the exact draw. There hasn’t been a version that I haven’t liked. So enjoy this highly nontraditional version by Family Force 5.

And last, but not least. . .

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The classic Tim Burton musical, stop-animation, children’s film about Halloween and Christmas meeting. I listen to this soundtrack all year long. And we can thank the genius Danny Elfman for all those songs that perfectly capture the film. Here is the most Christmas-y of the bunch.

What holiday songs do you love? Or hate?

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