Music Monday: AWOLNATION’s Sail and Alien Abduction?

First off, let me introduce Music Mondays. This is where I will talk about concerts, songs, albums, and general music things. I may even throw in some playlists from time to time.

Now that the introductions are out of the way, let’s get down to my current song obsession:  “Sail” by AWOLNATION from the album Megalithic Symphony.

First off, I could listen to the instrumental of this ALL DAY! It’s the perfect chill electronic with a little kick to the beat that would fit in with most of my daily happenings.

Aaron Bruno’s vocals sound a tad bit like a scratchy yelling. With another singer, it could’ve been terrible, but with Bruno, I don’t even want to imagine a ‘softer’ vocal experience. So much emotion comes through that harshness.

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The music video reflects the darker tones of the lyrics and droning electronic sound in the background. Bruno’s character is paranoid and trying to escape from. . . something. From the green light, which I can only assume is some sort of biometric scanner, the floating lights in the sky, and Bruno’s eventual ascension into the sky, I call aliens.

But the white sky lights look like football field lights. So, who knows, maybe they’re just the stereotypical mean jocks playing a terrible trick on a mentally unstable man. I mean, that green light could totally be from one of those fancy electronics I remember Sharper Image having a decade ago.

Seeing how AWOLNATION also has this mockumentary and trailer for the fictional Lost Signal that uses the song in the background as well as some commonalities to the music video. . . it’s probably aliens.

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Your verdict? Do you like the song? Are the video’s villains aliens or mean and tricky humans?

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  1. ZOMG I love this song! Has to be one of my all time favorites!!!